We are offering the AKAI IONIZER PLUS WATER ELECTROLYZER FOR A FANTASTIC DISCOUNT, The retail price for these detoxifying wonders was $1795.00, now if you mention my name Will Gable, YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY BE GIVEN A $300.00 DISCOUNT, which would bring this high quality machine to an amazing $1495.00!  These alkaline/ acid water machines are amazing for your family or your business.  These machines were developed by the Japanese in the early 1990’s.  They have profound detox effects on organic systems.  I have had mine for 15 years, they never seem to wear out, have a stainless steel wall built between the computer board and the water system.  We have a serious need for this type of detoxifying effect in our environment with all the chemicals that bombard us daily.


akai machine

Go GREEN, Get this Machine NOW!

Another high quality addition to your health needs is THE THERMAL LIFE FAR INFRARED SAUNA.  This is a real gem of a product for you and your family’s health.  These units further help the body to naturally detox deeply the toxins we breath, drink and eat from our environment.   High Tech Health is offering these high quality units in four sizes.  1) one person $2995.00, 2) two person/retail $3495.00, 3) three person/retail $3795.00, 4) four person/retail $4295.00 but for a LIMITED TIME PROMOTION, THEY ARE GIVING A GENEROUS $500.00 DISCOUNT OFF ANY OF THE UNITS!!!

We truly need to see that in order for us to stay healthy we must look at health comprehensively,  we need to prevent dis-ease, this can and is being accomplished by millions of health practitioners who breath deeply, drink plenty of fresh water, eat as organically as possible and detox their systems with these high level sophisticated technological developments such as these ALKALINE/ACID WATER MACHINES AND THE FAR INFRARED SAUNAS!  If you have any questions please contact me, Will Gable at 405-495-8128 or 405-921-6457 anytime and I will answer your questions and or send you information.

You can get more details about these spas and this water machine I love so much and enjoy being more green by saving the earth from having to deal with plastic bottle epidemic.
You can click on on the blogroll on the right of this site page,  mention my name, Will Gable for your discount, your contact person at High Tech Health is Emily or Sara, their number is 1-800-794-5355,  during the week M-F.  8-5PM MST      This is our main water site
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