NOW we are existing from our real nature which is BEING.  BEING has no need in understanding our separation because it is what is here whether we or any living form lives here or not.  We, in our self survival mode have no idea of BEINGNESS, self survival does not value BEINGNESS because it has no value for something that doesn’t further the self to survive.  That probably sounds opposite to what one would think, one needs to survive.  BEINGNESS, because of its own nature places demands on one, not by any force means,  if one is  to awaken to it,  the discipline of contemplating and understanding what is not BEING to the point of seeing that what is not cannot exist and be one with BEINGNESS.  BEING cannot be  realized if one is struggling and suffering from being distracted by what is not, that is part of surviving only and BEING is “what is” and is not distracted by survival, although it is the doorway for the ego-mind to let go of its struggle to survive.

Becoming  aware of awareness we start to realize that who we think we have become is truly in the way of realizing BEING.  Seeing our whole life as having been a fabricated conceptual attempt to adapt and survive in an environment that we truly don’t understand and so our adaptation has been to live through conceptual models in our minds which are not based in what is, rather distractions coming from these models in the form of all of our survival impulses that keep us entranced and entertained as “our life”.

My discussion of BEINGNESS is to open up a dialogue for one to assess ones belief structures, assumptions, survival mechanisms for oneself, which is to help one to realize what they could be seeing as themselves if they have never considered this before this moment.  Potential issues like, did you actually want to go to the church of your upbringing or did you go because your parents took  you and you were indoctrinated into it?  I have met people who told me they believed in the religion they were involved in because their parents told them it was the right one!  That doesn’t seem to be a conscious, informed, researched choice or even if one wants to be involved in any religion or belief structure of any kind, but many people end up in these dogmatic, fragmented, splinters of belief structures and spend their whole life as basically a brainwashed patron who devotes their life and monetary support to an institution that they didn’t choose.  This is an example of how people are not involved in their lives consciously at least in the ground floor of many arenas such as education, relationships and living out their lives from “what is not” and only conceptualizing their existence.  An example of the education end of that is getting an education to work in a field that your parents want you to be in because they are in it, they think it would be best for you, they vicariously are living through you or because it supposedly makes a high income, again, living from someone elses conceptual model and not from the ground of ones being.

We can spend years, decades involved in activities that if we looked closely at them we wouldn’t be active in them at all.  We do change, but change to what is the question.  As long as we are immersed in our self identity, we can stay aligned with energies that are simply keeping us involved in the exterior world to the point that our life may have become a serious drama and we are living from the perspective of only life and death.  This is being caught in the web of duality to an extreme, if we have no way of transcending duality we can live the rest of our existence from this linear reality and never consider there is another choice.

In the previous essay, A HOLE IN THE UNIVERSE, whether or not one is sincerely committed to the realization of Absolute Truth, not relative truth of facts about life, the alignment and commitment of our life force to realizing the absolute Truth for ourselves is the first major step we can take to help take us beyond the everyday duality we seem to encounter in each moment. Taking the time to either meditate or contemplate can help us bring our distractions of everyday down to a more simplistic focus, one that is centered, that concentrates on the breath, body movement and is inclusive of what seems to be wanting our attention in mind. Eventually, your life is realized as a living Meditation, no interior or exterior, only Wholeness.   In our practice of Aikido, we have inclusive  levels of all of these seemingly separate aspects, practicing to help bring these three areas of our lives of spirit, body mind into a simultaneous blend of harmonious, vibrational expression practiced slowly so BEINGNESS seems to come forward as PRESCENCE and we have brought our self survival mode of struggling with “what is not” into the clear Light of Consciousness to see that the absolute principles of Truth, Love and Non-Resistance are our way to clarity of understanding and the opening to BEING.

Allowing ourselves to “transcend and include” which keep us on the edge of being in contact with your free awareness/consciousness will show us that no matter what we seemingly have come up against within ourselves, we can see that whatever it is, it is already “inclusive” within Awareness and so remain in the Awareness of it and let it be seen for what it is.  If you seem to get locked into a mode where you don’t seem to be making progress with your inquiry, sit back, relax, breath deeply, basically we are all coming up to energy complexes that may have been in ones spirito-psyche-soma for a while, stay with your contemplation, let the issue, whatever it is, to allow Prescence to reveal what insights it will.  Focus on the inquiry issue through the foundation of Silence Stillness.  Thank you, Will Gable

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    I believe there are enough people in the world to where we can both survive, but I wanted you to know what I am using to get fresh content while I am on vacation as it is only fair.

    Take care and I look forward to the continued competition when I return home!!

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