Spontaneous living come from freeing ourselves from the mechanical conditions of existence, PRINCIPLE TRANSCENDS EGO.  Will Gable @2003

“We can finally find our home in the Heart of Aikido and relax truly into the path of least resistance where we can openly allow the essence to smooth out our concepts about anything and awaken to the Presence of Love as our True originator.  Will Gable @2005

“So the information and consciousness that is being gleaned is transmitted via our kinesthetic sharing in which we are communicating on a multi-channel processing dialogue which is felt in the silent levels of intuitive guidance.”  Will Gable @ 2006

“Letting go of our possible addiction to have an “image” in the mind to think we are alive frees us from the reductionist viewpoint of linear consensus reality which allows us to start seeing through the eclipse of beliefs, conditioning, concepts that have shadowed our life obstructing our original, inner Spiritual Light Source Nature inherently flowing from the Heart of IAM.  Will Gable @2010

“If we live as if the NOW is between the past and the future, we are still living in and on linear consensus reality and think because we are being mindful we have awakened to the transcendent and vertical NOW.  Mindfulness is being aware of what possibly is in front of us, being awakened to the Prescence serves just that function.  Will Gable @2010

“As one awakens into the unknown, insight becomes ones mode of relationship and the mind may be held in abeyance only as a useful tool of consciousness as one transcends “what is not” in the each moment and is living from “what is”, as consciousness/awareness which is existence freedom from the primal conceptual mind set.  Will Gable @2010

Our True Nature is “embodied spirituality”.  We have transcended our ego/mind so as to awaken to the Freedom of living  as the Spirit Self which has always lived as the Essential Nature of the body/mind,  but the myopic fragments of emotional/mental distortions became distractions and created a barrier of duality between consciousness and the Truth of the Light of our Infinite Nature.

The practice of Principle starts to take us away from our ego/mind structure where again, Principle transcends Ego, and we find ourselves entering a dimension of effortless solutions to some of our “predetermined assumptions” about how things are, especially when one has never been moved around with not even a fingers insertion.  Once we start to feel through our center consistently we begin to let go of trying to make things happen and see the magic that is present once we access the SILENCE STILLNESS within from our letting go of our structuring of the world whirl.

The freedom of Being is transcendent and the survival agendas of the eggo/mind are not designed to understand that dimension, they are only to serve the biological that nature designed to further it’s existence.  If we are to move beyond this online modality that we inherited, we need to see it’s inherent structure and in accessing the NOW of SILENCE/STILLNESS, allow ourselves to step into the absence of presence where we can vacate what one thinks they are presently.   Sincerely, Will Gable

Our involvement with our Art of Aikido has as its Primary Principle, that Budo or the way of the Spiritual warrior is Love,  from our Founder, Moreihei Uyeshiba and all other Principles follow this profound realization from his enlightenment.  That we are to Unify ourselves Spiritually and forge our Lives with a commitment to “awakening”,  through disciplining our waywardness in the world to the Principles of the Universe and live our lives as examples of Free, Open, and Existential Truth and Light.  That we realize that the Universe is and has always been intrinsically living AS EXISTENCE  through the ISNESS that it is, ETERNALLY, UNDEFINED.

Once we awaken to the vertical  in consciousness/awareness of the NOW, we have a chance to step outside of this mortal shell, “death, where is thy victory?” We now have the awareness to have CLARITY, or standing free from “what is not” clear enough to see from the realm of non attachment truly.  Remember, the “home that is nowhere, that is the true place,” if you take the word nowhere and break it down to the root, it reveals itself as NOW HERE.  So, the true NOW is our true place or doorway to the INFINITE as our Source because INFINITE SOURCE is always HERE NOW, except that we may not have accessed contact because of the distortion of finite vibrational definitions and forms with which the mind tends to become attached and distracted.

This Flow Awareness of Spirit is not in any way trying to do anything to anyone, it is the Integral Harmonizing Aspect of our Existence that is our Source condition that we have repressed because the taking on of the physical by Consciousness did not in most lives not create fear in the sense of separation from Source.  So, we repressed Reality in its Pristine Oneness and started our dark journey through all the objects relations that seemed to dominate our minds and hearts and has left most on the linear plane of existence with no obvious exit and no interest in one. [email protected] 2013

Someone said Peace can only be had from something that has been read, visualized, memorized, a discipline, but never simply realized.  Let us say Peace is like Space, most everyone never thinks about or realizes that they are only mobile because they are living in the Freedom of Space which seems to go on Infinitely at least visually.  If you can consider that you are literally floating in Space and you can let go into what seems the physical view of Space so that you see that non resistance in your Existence is the door way to Peace.

At the beginning of this essay, I stated that Peace comes from the complete resolution of your separateness.  So, we need to consider what that statement actually means individually.  If you can at this point replace Space with Peace, you can start to feel that Peace is Infinite and is already a Principle of this Existence and has always, already we will say been here, like a fish swimming in water and not even considering the natural condition of its existence.  [email protected] WG 2013





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