Real Center

In our practice of our Art of Aikido, we are always encouraging the practitioner to express their creativity or “takemusu aikido” in their practice from their center, the place that has traditionally been designated as a few inches below your navel and two or so inches inward or what is termed haragei in Japan.   

During our last class I discussed with my students about this not being one’s Real Center, that we needed to know the difference between having what was the traditional perspective of a Center which at least for the Art of Aikido is a fundamental necessity for the practitioner to be able to understand and integrate the Principles and Katas from Kihara Aikido and our Real Center which is in the Spiritual dimension and is the true power that is the Flow Awareness of Spirit which is seen and experienced when the practitioner is moving  from the Zero Point of Harmony. 

This Flow Awareness of Spirit is not in any way trying to do anything to anyone, it is the Integral Harmonizing Aspect of our Existence that is our Source condition that we have repressed because the taking on of the physical by Consciousness didn’t in most lives not create fear in the sense of separation from Source.  So, we repressed Reality in its Pristine Oneness and started our dark journey through all the objects relations that seemed to dominate our minds and hearts and has left most on the linear plane of existence with no obvious exit and no interest in one.

Sharon and I discussed this on our blogtalkradio show and when I listened to it, I wanted to share this with all of you and what we communicated together as she is a student in the class as well as the innovator of Self Gnosis, her method of realizing the Self, or our Higher Self.

Because we are mostly unconscious of our Nature, our tendency is to go outside to the external world of sources of information and tradition and this becomes the hook to source externals for any of your confirmations that seem to help you realize your connection as Spirit, but in most cases, never will.

 Artwork, Will Gable @1977

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