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Fight Flight Freeze Faint or FLOW

As we continue with our Spiritual growth in our practice of Aikido, we need to be able to relate to our class mates in a language that is clear to all.  If we can communicate with them in a language that is consistent with all of our natures then we can help the Clarity process to start to grow from a basis that the brain can start to see where it is involved whether conscious or unconscious in its contributing functions.

In its attempt to function in its online way, the brain, when it is unconscious will mainly work in its framework of to either fight, flight, or freeze in its relationship with life everyday.  When it is allowed to function in pure default without any consciousness or awareness of what is happening when it is happening, in other words, could be an adrenaline cortisol dump and then we are caught in the crosshairs of where a potential perpetraitor knows enough to set us up and we are caught in no choice of fight, flight or freeze or faint.

When we enter the martial arts world we are moving into an arena that lots of people may never become involved in as an interest.  There are a lot of assumptions about what that entrance is supposed to be depending on why one has decided to join in in whatever art they choose.  People seem to be drawn to an art that at the moment of decision is really being decided to relate to their personality, this may seem to be on the periphery, but could be a lot deeper, but most don’t see the whole comprehensive picture.

Hopefully, what we have chosen will hopefully, gradually reveal ourselves to ourselves from a higher, less locked down perspective that we had when we entered the practice.  So, in the testing ground of everyday existence, we start to get feedback as to whether we are gleaning positive, balanced insight into the nature of conflict.

In so doing, we start to see how we are involved either consciously or unconsciously.  I have had serious students come back into sessions and report their experiences that came into their everyday situations and how they were able to handle the situations so we could start to process where they really were at those moments and how we can use our martial arts training to live more in a flow approach between chaos and rigidity, or fight, flight freeze or faint.

The neurochemicals that come online in a moments instance are very much based in our brain’s survival mechanisms, these are adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol.  They all contribute to narrowing our focus of attention to the situation that has arisen and potentially calls for all of our brains emphasis on saving us from the danger it has perceived real or not.

In our practice in class, we are attempting to come as close to a true, committed energy attack and how we will respond from being present or react unconsciously.  At this point we can be made aware by our brain’s reaction as to whether we are or have moved beyond its default position to a more centered, balanced response based in what our art is attempting to teach us, stay centered, grounded, and stable in our breath and how we can start to possibly stay in flow with the energy that has invaded our lives and not get caught up in just fight and freeze so we can safely leave the situation.

If we have become stable in our centered Awareness, we have a better chance of not getting locked up in our brain’s online dump, even if we do, we want to have experienced it enough to be able to channel its strength of the neuro chemical input so we may be able to use it to further our defense to escape or help us to deal with the situation if it turns highly physical or potentially terminal.

So, to become more aware of our survival tendencies to lock up, is to further get beyond their sub and unconscious input at times when we need to access beyond the situational energy and get into an arena of where all of our training, discipline and principles come together as a FLOW EXPRESSION.  This is where we have brought a lot of all of overall attempts to stay balanced, centered and integrated come together and we start to function from a more synergistic, harmonized unification consciousness.

When we start to access this consistently, a lot of our prior conditioning maybe from other arts or disciplines start to fall in line with Principle and we are not left guessing as to our next response in each moment, this is where we become the present moment as NOW Presence and we have an answer to the situation because it is not happening out of the present, we have trained to be fully in the present, so all our systems along with consciousness awareness are all firing in unity.

When we are living as Presence in the NOW, we are not surprised by too much in our daily life.  If we are reacting or overreacting to situations that arise, then we are not living in the present, we are not connected with the situation as it is because we are at that moment not in tune as a WHOLE, partially fragmented, not living in the FL
OW of “what is”.

As we allow ourselves through our daily practice to stay in connection with whatever we are involved with, we can start to SIFT our values and see why we might have gone unconscious.  This sifting needs to be continual and go much deeper than just societal, political and financial issues and concerns.  It needs to allow things and situations to arise as they are and feel deeply to see what we are reacting to, which is the feedback of Awareness in the moment as to what buttons are being pushed and by whom or what.

If we are not being affected then there is no reason for concern or to have our Attention disturbed, but if there is emotional upset or being hijacked on our part then we need to inspect what was the underlying internal reaction.

As our practice of Aikido centering, grounding and stabilization and non attachment takes hold we can transcend these possible fight, flight, freeze or faint scenarios by staying Openended in the FLOW of the energy as we practice it in class and move beyond the biological online defaults that can take over because of our not being aware that they exist.

Our practice is much more than self defense, we allow ourselves to go through the acceptance of the possible situations from committed situations in class that show us whole other realms of how we can handle these possibilities that can keep us in the FLOW and not allow us to be overwhelmed by just our ego/mind default self.

Thank you, Will Gable

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I am posting Aikido Journal’s blog that listed my posts.  I wanted to thank Mr. Brandon Clapp for posting these over the years to Aikido Journal’s profound collection of the issues that are being discovered and practiced every day in the worldwide martial arts and spiritual community of practitioners.

Again, I want to thank Mr. Stanley Pranin and Mr. Brandon Clapp for accepting my writings as part of the commentaries in their publication.  The connection is

Thank you, Will Gable

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We are located at 1228 N. Council, our class hours are:

Monday  3:30-5:30 PM / Thursday 6:30-8:30 PM / Saturday 11:30 AM -1:30 PM.

We want to thank Sensei Quang Van Tran for his generous and gracious welcoming for the use of his great training facility.

We have enjoyed our time with Mike Darter, he has been a great business partner, as well as good friend and been a pioneer in many ways to further the martial arts in Oklahoma city with his innovative ideas and programs.

I want to wish him personal success in his new business venture as well as his family life.

If you have any questions about dojo hours or any other questions, please call 405-921-6457 or 405-495-8128, thank you, the monthly fee for classes is $65.00 with NO CONTRACT, I am also available for PRIVATE CLASSES FOR INDIVIDUALS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL  we are also considering an after school class for children and pre teens, Will Gable

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Is Space an expression of ISness

Are we just caught up in all the objects in the world and missing what is truly the support and all pervading expression of Source?  As I have stated in the previous essay, Space is Peace that seems to go on to Infinitum.  We tend to overlook the most poignant, in our face indicators of Universal Principles because they are usually the most simple.

We are constantly permeated by the Universe, this reality seems to escape the ego/mind and its constant attempt to organize, plan and direct our lives with its almost inescapable clutch on our attention and awareness.  We seem so distracted by its incessant drive to focus on survival and life which keeps us at a low level of awareness to the higher level information that is always right in front of us.

All the planets and stars seem to be hanging in this same Space which seems to indicate that it could possibly be a support even though we perceive it as something we would fall into and not be supported.  My view of this is that we are moving through space continuously and only what we call gravity seems to hold us to the planet, otherwise, Freeflight.

The ego/mind wants the security and solidity of the physical, this keeps our Identification with the body mind and as long as we want this connection to be the only ID point of Existence we tend to stay entrenched in mind and not able to allow internal Space to  actually free us of our internal conditioning and attachments.  We cannot become more Aware if we do not let go of the conceptual machine and see that Space provides the opening for Awakening.

Our ID stays where it is unless we move into internal Space and be able to see Where we think we are and how identified we are to What we think we are so we may actually see Who we are.  But only when we can “step back or step away” long enough to loosen the grips of attention in our Silent Stillness can we let go into the Freeing Space of ISness.

We are virtually breathing space, we can’t really touch air or oxygen and Space seems to be a constant support for all the functions we rely on to move freely and live our lives.  Space can be looked at as an expression of Isness, or Oneness, and as Awareness that we tend to take for granted.

The openendedness necessary enough for Inner Space to be contacted needs to be consistent and not shut down because when True Inner Space is allowed, you can get very dizzy and there can be possible anxiety because the self image at the personality level is being shook probably harder than ever but if you do not resist this you are allowing your contraction which is your self image and your personality to breath the Freedom of Space.

The training we pursue in Aikido allows us to open ourselves to our Internal Space, we are not competing which obviously sets up resistance instead of flowing with the energy when we slow down so we can actually see and have great sensitivity to what we are involved in, in the moment.  This is a large part of how we are able to Realize a Real Center, not just the Hara but our greater Spiritual Center of Awareness/Consciousness that can awaken when we turn our Attention to Inner Attention so it realizes itself as Free, All One, not attached to any thing.

In constantly relaxing in the inner action we are contacting Inner Space, letting go of our ego/minds incessant desire to control the seeming outer action.  This is the realm of having epiphanies and Satori while involved in the practice, this is part of the reason Aikido is defined as Zen Moving Meditation, there is actually Silence Stillness while in dynamic action.

Thank you, Will Gable


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Truth IS the ground of reality

The cultures of the planet seem to push the belief that your Destiny is in what they are passing along in time and space as to how you are to act, be seen and believe as a definition of how you should spend your time here, thus encapsulating your existence into some type of here say programming and the Freedom of Truth is not in this list of priorities.

This is the start of how external information and knowledge bases start to become one’s self reference and identification as a step towards their supposed Destiny.  This is the imprisonment of the ego/mind and how it sets up its parameters of how it is going to control the behavioral aspects of living here and not allow anything to interfere with it and its agendas.  Anything it cannot see it does not trust, tangible evidence only, no openness to alternative or transcendent spontaneous intuitions in the moment because they move beyond its framework of strict enclosure, not allowing any inclusiveness or Wholeness.

The vast populations on the planet emerge into the earth game no matter what the continent and just accept the survival agendas of their location as the truth of existence?  We obviously need to survive but not to let survival be our only reason for existence.  If survival is our only agenda we are living on the lowest rung of existence and our whole life is based in the unconsciousness of the life force, there is no conscious connection to the Inner Light only a blind struggle to survive.

 Upon realizing that we have been listening to our ego minds conceptual model of reality we hopefully will step into a greater space of Clarity about what we have actually been doing in unconsciously modeling Existence with our personal point of view.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, survival agendas seem to take over as modeled by most people’s parents in that they are striving to survive and yet not knowing they are doing the same thing as their parents and passing it on to their children.

They haven’t questioned what they are doing as it seems all others are assumedly involved in the same agendas that they are and this assumption, mostly unconsciously, is how people tend to start  depending on external information sources as the truth of their personal existence, again, all this is mostly unconscious because the physical, survival identification with the body seem to take over and no one even questions this assumption.

This can continue over the life of the individual or there may be intervening as spirit is always ITSELF and is our SOURCE NATURE, so it is always present and yet the ego mind is entranced with its desires and distractions in the objectification of Existence and can stay solidified and walled off with no interest or awareness that there may be another side to our Existence that is prior to us emerging here.  We are here to awaken to this prior Reality that is always already the case.

The Spirit always is ITSELF, with no need to be changing into something that it is not.  Humanity seems to want Truth to be what it wants it to be as something or an object that they can possess, but that is the life of separation and Truth is not of that dimension so it cannot be owned.

The Mind is not the ground of Reality, it can only surmise that its perceptions are the truth, and in doing so it sees the external in the relative terms  of words, definitions, and ideas and since it is mostly asleep, deems its perspective of life the only way it can see it, concepts.

These concepts become fixed in the mind and a lot of them become the only way the mind can relate because it is limited in its scope in the way it sees what is in front of it.  Since it is limited it seems to reduce everything to the safe arenas of the duality of everything through its point of view, even though it is asleep and sees everything from a black and white ideation.

This creates the illusion that the external world actually exists from the mind’s duality point of view and only from that point of view.  This point of view has created the world of linear consensus reality along with its belief structure that all of creation is somehow under control because of the duality perspective, when in truth, Reality is the foundation of All that is, Enlightenment is the basis of our existence.

In realizing this, we need to see that the Source of our lives is our life power connection and how we plug into the infinite consciousness that is our True Nature which is and should be natural to all who awaken to it as it is, which is your free Spirit of attention expanding eternally.

Thank you, Will Gable


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This is one of the last pictures I was happy to be in

with Sensei Karl Geis, Brother Dan Martin and Me.














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Presence IS non resistance to Infinity

One of the main indications of living from Spirit is if you are living from Presence Awareness each moment, clearly responding to each situation from spontaneity instead of the knee jerk reaction of the unexamined unconscious, being openended, instead of the lapsing into the default of your conditioned history and memory.  For Presence to be what and who you are, you have to reconcile duality or polarity and to transcend the potential conflict of duality as it seems to arise.

To stay on the edge of the tendency to get caught up in the seeming intensity of each experiential moment.  To not get caught up in one side of the polarity and be unconscious that you are living from that perspective, to live from knowingness and Being Awareness.

The openendedness necessary enough for Inner Space to be contacted needs to be consistent and not shut down because when True Inner Space is allowed, you are allowing VULNERABILITY to step in and there can be possible anxiety because the self image at the personality level is being shook probably harder than ever, but if you have little resistance you are allowing the Freedom of Space to start showing the way past the contractedness that is running your life.

The contraction of the self image that reflects itself outward is the personality which is how people seem to show themselves as a self representation that they tend to live through in their daily lives.  Unless this representation is questioned as the person’s ID, the person will probably never go beyond it because they believe it is them, they are so close to it as themselves and it seems to be a constant.

As long as we are of the mind set of separation from existence and are not flowing with the Presence as our Nature we will continue to live from the past and imaging the future as our way of referencing existence and may never open our Hearts to our Eternal Divine NOW Nature that is our Truth.

As the contraction of the ego/mind is gradually relaxed and seen through with its falsehoods to the core of Truth, the Presence of Existence in its Pristine Innocence becomes increasingly apparent and we see we have been obscuring this Presence in our selves with our own activity as distraction from Reality.

As this Clarity becomes the eyes of our Heart, we can no longer hold any concept, thought, or image above the Direct Seeing of Reality as Reality.  There are no other images before Reality obstructing the State of Reality, inclusive of who you thought you were that has NOW been absorbed into the Presence which is NOW non resistance to INFINITY.

Presence IS and it is the greater MIRROR of REALITY than one’s narcisstic reflection based in the entrapment in the mind/body and believing that one’s habitual life and thoughts and philosophical perspectives are the true reflection of EXISTENCE as IT IS.  The ease of Reality as it is, exposes all agendas to avoid it by trying to label, define and relegate Truth to a convenient box of the mind’s intellectual wording.  Being the transparency through which all IS experienced, undermines and dissolves anything that enters the Reality of REAL.

Divine Intelligence shines as it is only itself with no definitions, descriptions and no need for ANYTHING, it is the Source that supports and yet flows through ALL as ITSELF as Pure Awareness.  Thank you, Will Gable

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We are celebrating the life and immense contribution to Martial Artists around the world of Master Karl Edwin Geis whose life was a major elevation of what the Martial Arts are in an evolutionary sense as well as the establishment of a world wide Spiritual Community of practitioners which he created and named the Fugakukai International Aikido Association.

Master Geis was a 10th Dan in Kihara Aikido, 10th Dan in Kodokan Judo, and 8th Dan in Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo.  The history of the FIAA can be found on

Sharon and I were in Houston for his service and to celebrate with all students past and present, we were also joined on our show the Edge of Truth by Doug Martin who spent some of the last days at the hospital with Sensei Geis and we all expressed some of our lessons and what he contributed to our lives.

Please listen to the above link we recorded in Houston, Will Gable




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Spontaneous living come from freeing ourselves from the mechanical conditions of existence, PRINCIPLE TRANSCENDS EGO.  Will Gable @2003

“We can finally find our home in the Heart of Aikido and relax truly into the path of least resistance where we can openly allow the essence to smooth out our concepts about anything and awaken to the Presence of Love as our True originator.  Will Gable @2005

“So the information and consciousness that is being gleaned is transmitted via our kinesthetic sharing in which we are communicating on a multi-channel processing dialogue which is felt in the silent levels of intuitive guidance.”  Will Gable @ 2006

“Letting go of our possible addiction to have an “image” in the mind to think we are alive frees us from the reductionist viewpoint of linear consensus reality which allows us to start seeing through the eclipse of beliefs, conditioning, concepts that have shadowed our life obstructing our original, inner Spiritual Light Source Nature inherently flowing from the Heart of IAM.  Will Gable @2010

“If we live as if the NOW is between the past and the future, we are still living in and on linear consensus reality and think because we are being mindful we have awakened to the transcendent and vertical NOW.  Mindfulness is being aware of what possibly is in front of us, being awakened to the Prescence serves just that function.  Will Gable @2010

“As one awakens into the unknown, insight becomes ones mode of relationship and the mind may be held in abeyance only as a useful tool of consciousness as one transcends “what is not” in the each moment and is living from “what is”, as consciousness/awareness which is existence freedom from the primal conceptual mind set.  Will Gable @2010

Our True Nature is “embodied spirituality”.  We have transcended our ego/mind so as to awaken to the Freedom of living  as the Spirit Self which has always lived as the Essential Nature of the body/mind,  but the myopic fragments of emotional/mental distortions became distractions and created a barrier of duality between consciousness and the Truth of the Light of our Infinite Nature.

The practice of Principle starts to take us away from our ego/mind structure where again, Principle transcends Ego, and we find ourselves entering a dimension of effortless solutions to some of our “predetermined assumptions” about how things are, especially when one has never been moved around with not even a fingers insertion.  Once we start to feel through our center consistently we begin to let go of trying to make things happen and see the magic that is present once we access the SILENCE STILLNESS within from our letting go of our structuring of the world whirl.

The freedom of Being is transcendent and the survival agendas of the eggo/mind are not designed to understand that dimension, they are only to serve the biological that nature designed to further it’s existence.  If we are to move beyond this online modality that we inherited, we need to see it’s inherent structure and in accessing the NOW of SILENCE/STILLNESS, allow ourselves to step into the absence of presence where we can vacate what one thinks they are presently.   Sincerely, Will Gable

Our involvement with our Art of Aikido has as its Primary Principle, that Budo or the way of the Spiritual warrior is Love,  from our Founder, Moreihei Uyeshiba and all other Principles follow this profound realization from his enlightenment.  That we are to Unify ourselves Spiritually and forge our Lives with a commitment to “awakening”,  through disciplining our waywardness in the world to the Principles of the Universe and live our lives as examples of Free, Open, and Existential Truth and Light.  That we realize that the Universe is and has always been intrinsically living AS EXISTENCE  through the ISNESS that it is, ETERNALLY, UNDEFINED.

Once we awaken to the vertical  in consciousness/awareness of the NOW, we have a chance to step outside of this mortal shell, “death, where is thy victory?” We now have the awareness to have CLARITY, or standing free from “what is not” clear enough to see from the realm of non attachment truly.  Remember, the “home that is nowhere, that is the true place,” if you take the word nowhere and break it down to the root, it reveals itself as NOW HERE.  So, the true NOW is our true place or doorway to the INFINITE as our Source because INFINITE SOURCE is always HERE NOW, except that we may not have accessed contact because of the distortion of finite vibrational definitions and forms with which the mind tends to become attached and distracted.

This Flow Awareness of Spirit is not in any way trying to do anything to anyone, it is the Integral Harmonizing Aspect of our Existence that is our Source condition that we have repressed because the taking on of the physical by Consciousness did not in most lives not create fear in the sense of separation from Source.  So, we repressed Reality in its Pristine Oneness and started our dark journey through all the objects relations that seemed to dominate our minds and hearts and has left most on the linear plane of existence with no obvious exit and no interest in one. [email protected] 2013

Someone said Peace can only be had from something that has been read, visualized, memorized, a discipline, but never simply realized.  Let us say Peace is like Space, most everyone never thinks about or realizes that they are only mobile because they are living in the Freedom of Space which seems to go on Infinitely at least visually.  If you can consider that you are literally floating in Space and you can let go into what seems the physical view of Space so that you see that non resistance in your Existence is the door way to Peace.

At the beginning of this essay, I stated that Peace comes from the complete resolution of your separateness.  So, we need to consider what that statement actually means individually.  If you can at this point replace Space with Peace, you can start to feel that Peace is Infinite and is already a Principle of this Existence and has always, already we will say been here, like a fish swimming in water and not even considering the natural condition of its existence.  [email protected] WG 2013





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